Photo How to earn money thanks to your passion for travel?

How to earn money thanks to your passion for travel?

How to earn money thanks to your passion for travel?

Traveling to another country is fascinating; however, you can spend so much money when you travel. That is because you have to spend money on accommodation and food, which are usually more expensive than in your local country.

Is it possible to make money while traveling? What are some simple ways to get paid while visiting many countries in the world?

Some ways to earn money thanks to your passion for travel

  • Work on a ship: You can visit many parts of the world by working on a cruise ship. Cruise ships travel into many seaports in different parts of the world for 3 or 6 months. There are many available jobs in a ship, including Guest Service jobs, Food and Beverage jobs, Child Care jobs, Medical jobs, and many more. Accommodation and food are free on board; therefore, you can save all your money unless you spend them during your stopovers.
  • Teaching English is another opportunity to work and travel the world. Many business people in non-English-speaking countries are in desperate need for English teachers. These countries include Asia, China, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and other. They hire qualified English teachers from another country and help you get your work visa. You can easily find teaching job offers abroad on the internet.
  • Work as a tour guide: As a tour guide, you have the opportunity to explore the most fascinating spots of a country while making money. From a fascinating beach, to an amazing cave, and to a spectacular waterfall, you can admire the beauty of Nature while making a living. In addition, speaking 2 or 3 languages can increase the opportunity to discover more places. Apart from your monthly income, you can make more money from tips given to you by the tourists.
  • Take up a hospitality job abroad: Some hotels hire extra staff on peak seasons and on holidays. The work contract might be even longer than that. Some of the recruiting countries are Australia, Ireland, and Spain. You can make some money if you set out on a great adventure and work as a tourist entertainer at a hotel in Spain. You can also explore the wonders of the country by doing holiday work in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Work as an intern or a volunteer: Some countries offer opportunities to work as an intern in Beijing and Shanghai, China through its internship program. You can also work as a volunteer in New Orleans, USA to help restore the village after a hurricane.
  • Do seasonal work: Many kinds of fruit-farm jobs are open for international workers every year. You can work in Canada as a grapefruit, orchard or a strawberry picker when the fruit is in season. You may also want to work as a farmer in New Zealand's peach and kiwi fields, or as an apple picker in the USA. You may also want to travel to the UK as a pear harvester, or as a mango picker in Australia.
  • Become a busker: Busking is soliciting money while entertaining people in public places, such as on a bus, or on a train, or in the street. It is a possible way to make money while traveling if you are talented and audacious enough to perform in public places. You can make enough money from the passerby crowds while singing and playing an instrument at the subway station, in the street or at a park. You can attract more crowd if you wear your traditional clothes while performing.

Travel and work around the world

You do not always have to spend money for your passion to travel the world. Instead, there are great opportunities to work and discover many fascinating places in different countries.

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