Photo How to save during your holidays?

How to save during your holidays?

During holidays, people often tend to spend more than the planned budget. It is really a common problem because it concerns almost all holiday makers. Many may be the reasons of the overspending during holidays especially if you go abroad.

Unexpected height of the cost life in the area, low rate of your money, inactivity, all that can be considered as reasons of overspending. How not to spend more during your holidays? The help of travel agencies may be needed in that case. Opodo, a travel agency which works with many hotels around the globe can help you by advising you where to go and what to do.

Choose the destination where your money has favorable exchange

Money exchange is very important to know before deciding where to go because it can increase and decrease your currency value.

  • When you leave your country, your money must be exchanged according to your destination. Often, dollar is used because it is the international money transfer. It is then more economical to go to a destination where your money can increase after the exchange. It is then recommended to go to Africa or Asia because in these destinations, dollar has high rates.
  • If you plan to spend your holidays in Europe for example, it is more economical to go to Italy than to Great Britain because 5 dollars are equivalent of 3.8 pounds, although 5 dollars are 4.3 euro. It is then necessary to know the rate exchange in the location. If your travel agency is the best one, free brochures will be given to you to check the rate exchange of different destinations.

Compare the costs of the accommodation

Budget for accommodation is often important during holidays. You should choose then the hotel within your reach depending on your estimated expenses. Some hotels with the same stars and comfort may be different in prices. That is why you have to ask the cost of services before making a reservation. This will be cheaper and better still interesting.

To show you some examples, in Madrid and Spain, Hotel Paseo Del Arte and Hotel Nuevo Boston have different prices regardless to the same stars. You can surf the internet to get more information about the services coast in each hotel. All you have to do is visit the righ site to see the different prices.

Create your own activities

There is no need for you to follow expensive activities once you are in your destination. Instead of boating for example, you can just take a walk at the beach and enjoy the pure air from the sea on drinking beer. That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Instead of renting a car, you can go by bicycle. It is not only economical but also a sport that enables to see the nature more closely.

The last step

As a travel agency, many people trust in Opodo (, so choose them. Thanks to their collaboration with many hotels and its presence in almost all countries, they can propose you the best hotel with the best price, the destination and the activities you can do during your holidays. Your book and recommendation can be done online.